19th Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar
- Seoul National University, 9-11 August 2017 -

Guidelines for Authors

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SICOGG 19 Proceedings guidelines

For the style sheet of the SICOGG 19 proceedings, please refer to two attached files: the pdf file of style sheet and the MS Word document file of sample paper. Queries concerning the SICOGG proceedings should be directed to Dr. Changguk Yim at cy37@cau.ac.kr.

SICOGG 19 Oral and poster presentation guidelines

For oral presentations: If you are planning to bring handouts, please make about 60 copies. In case you want to make copies here in Korea, there are several on-campus copy shops close to the conference venue. If you are planning to give a powerpoint presentation, please try to use the laptops provided in the rooms (PCs), if possible, to avoid wasting time between talks on swapping laptops. Please try to put your presentation on the desktop well in advance and check if all works fine. If, however, you need to use a Mac, please bring an adapter for the projector with you.

For poster presenters: Select a width of 36 inches and a height of 48 inches (for portrait orientation; strongly preferred). These are the maximal and suggested dimensions. For details, please visit the posters page at LSA: https://www.linguisticsociety.org/resource/lsa-poster-guidelines.

Please direct all enquiries to sicogg19@gmail.com
Conference website: http://www.sicogg.or.kr/